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Building STS

There is a significant amount of largely invisible work that gets done within the STS community to keep it going and continuing building it. In an effort to make that work more visible, we are building a network of STS builders, from faculty directors to department administrators and beyond. This page serves as a resource to learn about what we are doing and to find out more about how to get involved.


Building STS Lunchtime Workshop at 4S: In September 2017, about 30 members of the STS Community gathered at the 4S annual meeting to discuss the state of efforts to build STS Programs around the world. Read the Report of the meeting.

STSNext20: This 2011 meeting was the product of a year of conversations across several continents and dozens of institutions. The three-day program addressed three areas: STS and the disciplines; STS and its theories; STS’s institutional challenges and opportunities. The conference was live-streamed, and the video archive, provocations, and other conference material are all available on the meeting’s website. Of particular note is the session on “New Horizons for STS.”


STS World: As part of the STSNext20 conference, a map was generated of all the STS programs in the world. Please add yours if it isn’t there or needs to be updated!

Email list: We have established an email announcement list that all are welcome to join.


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Join the organizing committee

The organizing committee for this project is

  • Sam Weiss Evans (Harvard/Tufts)
  • Daniel Breslau (Virginia Tech)
  • Gretchen Gano (UC Berkeley)
  • Amy Gilson (Harvard)
  • Kelly Joyce (Drexel)
  • Nick Seaver (Tufts)
  • Jameson M. Wetmore (ASU)

If others are interested in joining the organizing committee to plan future work, please email Sam Weiss Evans.

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