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EGAD International Export Control Conference

Next week may prove to be a precipitous moment in the life of the Wassenaar Arrangement.  Brinley Salzmann has organised a two-day conference in Paris called “Export and Security Controls in the Globalised Marketplace of the 21st Century”.  The morning of the first day is given over completely to Wassenaar, with talks by Ambassador Sune Danielsson (Head of the Wassenaar Secretariat), Barry Fletcher, Anne-Charlotte Merrell Wetterwik, and members of the US, Australian, and Chinese governments.

With the series of GAO reports stacking up, and much work by the Center for International Trade and Security on how to improve the international export control scene, perhaps this may be a watershed conference, where past disputes can be put behind us and the groundwork laid for serious consideration of how to modify the shape of export controls to adequately address the needs of a diverse international community in the 21st Century.

There will be no report from this meeting, in order to allow more candid discussion among the participants.  I will not, unfortunately, be attending, as I am focusing all my effort on finishing my thesis at the moment.  Anyone who does attend and wishes to say something is welcome to comment on this post.