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When all research is dual use

It is a time for a change in the way we understand the relationship between science, security, and society. In my recent piece in Issues in Science and Technology, I argue that we need systemic modifications to our biosecurity governance system, and that the new National Security Commission on Emerging Biotechnology is a good venue to instigate those changes.

For most of the last century, the science and policy community has chosen a path that built a scientific-industrial structure based on the assumption that the best way to maximize the societal benefits from science was to leave it to its own devices, divorced from the society it ostensibly serves. But as the world grows ever more complex, is this still the best way? Was it ever?

Evans, Sam Weiss (2022) “When all research is dual use.” Issues in Science and Technology. Vol. 38, Issue 3. P. 84-87.