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Thesis published on the Oxford Research Archive

It is my pleasure to finally announce that my thesis has been published on the Oxford Research Archive This is a redacted version of my thesis. The redactions were made in line with requests from the British Government, and include primarily a description of the location of the Wassenaar Secretariat, the Arrangement’s information system, and the reproduction in Appendix G of the Guidelines for the Drafting of Lists. The redactions… Read More »Thesis published on the Oxford Research Archive

Oxford Thesis LaTeX template

I have modified the Oxford Maths LaTeX template to work for the social sciences.  There are a lot of bells and whistles in this file, but I have tried to provide lots of comments to make the process of getting up and running with minimal effort. I would also recommend perusing the LaTeX resources on the Maths website for lots of LaTeX tutorials and information. You can find my thesis template folder… Read More »Oxford Thesis LaTeX template

Writing Up

I am currently in the thick of writing up my thesis, to be handed in on 19 June 2009.  Please feel free to contact me, but it may be a few days before I am able to respond.

Confirmation of Status completed

After much hard work, my Confirmation of Status for my DPhil has now been completed.  I produced two chapters for my Confirmation: my Literature Review and a history of the Wassenaar Arrangement.  If you would like to read these drafts, please let me know, either by commenting below or by using the contact form.